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Lifestyle Perfected partners with socially impactful CEOs, founders, and influencers to create their social media strategy, content, audience growth and generate profits.


Executive Thought Leadership

You are an executive leading a company that is making a massive impact on people. You want to expand your personal brand.

We will support in:


  • Bringing forth and organizing your best ideas and content
  • Being your full service social media team
  • Creating and executing your content strategy
  • Engaged community growth
  • Achieving your goals

Business Thought Leadership

Your business is doing amazing things for the world. It’s time to take your social presence to the next level of influence and profits.

We will support you in:


  • Optimizing your brand connection to your audience to create a community.
  • Being your full service social media team
  • Creating and organizing your businesses content around your unique selling propositions, testimonials, and products.
  • Achieving your profit goals

Influencer Thought Leadership

You are connecting with your massive audience and making a positive impact on their lives.

We will support you in:


  • Creating structure as your social media team, allowing you the freedom to be creative and live a balanced life
  • Co-creating new, exciting and engaging content to connect with your audience
  • Profitably monetize your account in a way that’s most aligned to you

Lifestyle Perfected
Thought Leaders enjoy:

100% more engaged audience with
6% average engagement rate compared to the industry average engagement rate of 3%.

A Proven Social Media Strategy


Share purposefully and authentically


Co-create with your community 


Increase your audience


Partner with conscious brands


Our core value is authentically aligning with our purpose as this is the basis for a successful and fulfilling social media strategy.

Audience: Researching who they are, where to find them and what type of content and products they connect most with.

Branding: Understanding what you are truly passionate about to ensure your branding and message is authentic to you and communicates clearly to your  to audience.

Content Creation: Designing an engaging, informative and dynamic content mix that takes the customer on a journey of understanding you and your businesses products.

Structured Creates Freedom: We are your social media team, we create the structure for you through organized meetings, content calendars, posting, and analytics so you feel free to focus on what you love to do most.


One of the most important aspects of social media to have a  highly interactive audience.

Interactive Content: Connecting with your thriving community through methodologies that involves them by creating a conversation where they communicate  with you.

Supportive Ambassadors: Substantial and consistent increases in  likes, comments, saves and shares that gets you noticed on each platforms algorithm and shown to a larger audience.


Consistently growing your engaged audience is exciting and fulfilling.

Providing Value: Consistently delivering valuable insights, images, and resources to ensure followers are here to stay.

Virality: Driving your engaging content to popularity on explore pages of platforms so it’s seen by a larger audience who wants to connect with you.

Influencer Outreach: Partnering with large audiences to share your account and content, creating new followers and growth for you.


Creating opportunities to create profits through making a difference for the world.

Conversion Focused: Optimizing your campaign funnels from content, to call to actions, to landing pages prioritizing conversions in the form of new followers, email captures, and product sales.

Creating Partnerships: Creating cohesive partnerships with socially conscious brands to enjoy generating revenue from your accounts in an aligned way for yourself and the planet.

KPI’s and Metrics: Elevating results through tracking key analytics that provide insights as to improve performance.

We are the Lifestyle Perfected
Thought Leaders

A venture capitalist investing and generating wealth with women of color founders.

A world renowned conservationist, activist and model known for her courage, intelligence and beauty.

A leader with multiple exits who invests in social impact companies.

Gayle Jennings O’Byrne

Founder and CEO of Intent Manifesto


Five million WOC-led companies existed last year and over 800 are started each day, making WOC companies are the fastest growing segment of the entrepreneurial market. Unfortunately, the investment, purchasing power and support to grow WOC startups isn’t keeping pace. Intent Manifesto is an educational campaign and a series of workshops to raise the visibility, empowerment and self sustainability of women founders of color and improve the communities they live in.


Growing the engaged audience and generating sign ups to the iNTENT Manifesto and educate us on the benefits of supporting and investing in women startups. In addition showcasing the journey of a woman of color, Gayle Jennings O’Byrne, starting a vc fund, and spotlight women startups.

Real Results

Massive growth of the engaged audience and generating sign ups to the iNTENT Manifesto.


New Instagram followers in 10 months. A 20,952% follower increase.


Website visits from . instagram
in 2018.


New sign ups to the Intent Manifesto.


Profile Visits.
Now over 12,000 profile visits per month.

Marla Mattenson

CEO of Marla Mattenson


One of the world’s most influential and highest paid relationship & Intimacy experts. Marla helps entrepreneur couples redefine their relationship in a playful, loving and sexy way while simultaneously increasing their income.


With no social media accounts, they wanted to gain 100k followers, build and engaged audience and be more visible in the relationship coaching space.

Real Results

We are providing aligned and intimate content that expresses their personality, values and business/industry, and also creating a strong community of supporters. Resulting in significant growth and engagement.


New followers (and increasing) in 12 months.


Avg. likes per post
(from zero)


Engagement Rate
194.67% above the average engagement rate of 3% on Instagram

Morgan Burrett

Travel TV Host


Travel TV host | Travel Specialist | Science Fiend | Crazy About Travel | The Travel Bug


Increase growth and engagement as well as limited social media awareness/visibility. Working alongside a Travel TV host, who has had his own series on Netflix, provides an exciting opportunity to showcase his knowledge and work of the world.

Real Results

We are significantly increasing Morgan’s growth and engagement by building a loyal community and creating highly engaging content.


New followers (and increasing) in 12 months.


Avg. likes per post
266% more than the projected 656.


Engagement Rate Increase
from 1.4% to 6.39%.

Jay Bajaj

CEO of Haylo Ventures


A thought leader, UCI Applied Innovation Board Member movie Producer California Wine Appellation Specialist and investor through Haylo Ventures.


To drive up Jay’s social presence and be able to use his influence for the greater good. His social media accounts had stagnant growth and low engagement. Jay wanted to greatly increase his social media authority, visability, growth and community engagement.

Real Results

Creating incredibly engaging and informative content has seen Jay’s social media pages become a must visit page for information on subjects, such as Blockchain, Wine, Travel, Sustainability and Future Trends. Resulting in a dramatic increase in growth and engagement.


New followers (and increasing) in 12 months.


Avg. likes per post
from 74, a 1,700% increase.


Avg. comments per post from 4, 1,377% increase.


Engagement increase
from 1.4% to 9.52%

Your Social Media Ninjas

Nadav Wilf

Cofounder and CEO

Nadav Wilf is a spiritual entrepreneur that has built and sold 2 startups in the online advertising space. After his last sale, he realized he wasn’t fulfilled which took him on a journey to find his passion, in what he calls a Passion Pivot. He founded, a platform for businesses to integrate philanthropy into everyday life. After, he joined Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, as Chief Possibility Officer and partner in HeroX, a platform of incentive prizes.

After 2 years of enjoying this incredible experience of bringing together the world’s greatest minds to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Nadav decided he wanted to slow down his life, focus on enjoying his artistic expression, and help others do the same.

He founded, a company focused on helping CEOs and their teams connect to their own alignment and life balance in 12 specific areas of life.

Nadav focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices, so each person can live their passion. He’s committed to a world that works for everyone.



Nico McKenzie

Cofounder and President

Jumping on my board and riding the Social Wave has been a thrilling and methodological experience. In addition to my passion for Social Media, I love exploring the world, capturing unique moments with my camera, enjoying delicious coffee, and supporting Scotland Rugby and England Cricket.

Since graduating from Newcastle University with a Masters in International Business Management, I decided to create my own path by elevating other remarkable thought leaders and businesses’ vision and voice through social media. This has led to creating the Lifestyle Perfected Thought Leadership with my co-founder, Nadav Wilf. My role is to deliver our clients a highly enjoyable and premium service, with a strong focus on creating authentic social media accounts. Together, we will elevate the vibration of the planet by showing the world your vision and voice.

Danica Steinhuaser

Social Media Director

Since I was a child, the visual arts and storytelling have always been a fascination and escape. My heroes were never your traditional champions but were creative geniuses and artists like Jim Henson and Terry Gilliam.

Those passions led me to achieve a Bachelors in Film from the University of Texas at Austin and I haven’t stopped growing since. From there, it was a natural progression into online media where I’ve spent the last 4 years in digital media and social media management for major sports companies, video game companies, and startups. My role is to help bring vision and strategy to your brand, elevating your social channels to be the representation of your voice through engaging content.


Joni Williams

Social Media Specialist

I’ve worked in the digital space for over 7 years and I hold a B.A. in Media and Communication. In the past 7 years I’ve gained experience managing online communications, including content for social media channels, blogs and websites.

On a day-to-day basis, I create content and advertising strategies for clients that are tailored to their needs, goals and brand objectives. My role is to help you get the most out of your online experience in a way that is authentic to you.

In my down time, I like travelling and trying new foods.


Tina Mowatt

Client Support Goddess

This Goddess finds great joy and fulfilment in serving humanity, both one human at a time and to the masses. My purpose in serving is enabling, supporting, empathizing, coaxing, coordinating and just being your cheerleader to encourage you on your journey.

I am Tina, the one to follow up with you, walk beside you while you ride on the flow towards your dreams. Being a part of the Lifestyle Perfected Team is my aligned step with a team that is committed to helping others create a road map to their own dreams, one Rockstar Client at a time.

I work closely with Nadav, Chief Lifestylist & CEO, to help you create the feel good, abundant life you truly deserve. Indeed, as you soar, we soar!



Arianne Asunsolo

Social Media Specialist

Considering myself a citizen of the world I would love to take your brand to a global platform. Born in California, have lived in 6 countries, visited 55 and look forward to seeing the whole world one day. Majored in Global Studies with a human rights track, I have worked with endangered species in Mexico as well as volunteered in places such as Afghanistan and Nigeria. I hold a particular love and respect for animals and the environment and absolutely love luxurious eco-friendly experiences. Research is one of my fortes and have successfully applied it through years of experience researching for various fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Another great experience I have had in life was modeling in a professional way as that gave me the opportunity of traveling to many countries such as India, Jordan around Europe and beyond.



Eloivene Blake

Operations Goddess

Pleased to meet you. You can call me Elo, Operations Goddess and Implementer Extraordinaire. In addition to eating Jerk flavored anything (A Jamaican cuisine), dancing and practicing yoga, I love creating and implementing operational systems with you.

I’ve been living in my purpose for over 15 years in Project and Operations Management experience, all to support you and your team in creating and implementing the best processes and systems so that you, as the company leader, can feel good day to day standing on solid ground to align with your purpose and actualize your dream visions in each area of life. and . What’s important to me is that you are able to do what you want, when you want, where you want with who you want.


Thank you for your interest in the
Lifestyle Perfected
Thought Leadership Network

Please fill out the application below and we will review to set up a Shared Vision Call.

You would be a fit for the Lifestyle Perfected Thought Leadership Network if you are focused on:

  • Sharing your purpose authentically with your audience to inspire them to do the same
  • Expanding and growing your audience
  • Growing revenue by monetizing your own or promoting other social impact brands

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